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Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT)

The Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT) was an amendment included in the Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016.

Aimed at introducing certainty, the formulation of the Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT), is a voluntary process allowing certification will enable sponsors to seek advice from the Secretary and remove the any uncertainty of dealing with LGAs on the question of whether a CHMP is required or not for a project.

The PAHT is a significant change that may save project proponents valuable time, expense, and effort required to complete a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) - if it is not required.

Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT) Service

We can assist you complete the PAHT by providing:

  • PAHT report
  • Historic photos or other relevant items
  • Participation in any archaeological inspection required
  • Fulfilment of any further amendments that may come through (we regularly keep updated with all legislation).

Other amendments proposed will include:

  • Removing the requirement for a CHMP for certain small developments in urban areas.
  • A ‘stop the clock’ mechanism for CHMP’s
  • The ability to amend cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs) after approval
  • Greater powers have been granted to RAPs with a new ability to approve cultural heritage permits and act as enforcement officers
  • Recognition of marginalised traditional owners with the state allocating resourcing to assisting proponents in consultation when there is no RAP for a project area
  • AV (formerly OAAV) has instituted a new compliance unit in response to compliance issues which have been identified.
  • New fees introduced to support the administration of the Act.

Expected timeframe

It differs according to your project. We’ll provide you with an estimate soon after our initial free consultation.  

What to expect

  • Competitive pricing
  • Clear and concise reports
  • Clear recommendations
  • Experienced Heritage Advisors
  • Responsive service

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