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Historical Heritage Assessments

There are certain places and objects considered important in helping us understand Victoria’s history. The State of Victoria recognises the value of our cultural heritage and protects places and objects that are significant under the Victorian Heritage Act of 1995.

All heritage places and objects are protected from harm under the Heritage Act.

A key factor in defining our community’s identity is a full understanding of the heritage values of:

  • Our individual collections
  • Properties
  • Places or groups of sites (precincts)
  • Places of archaeological significance
  • Cultural landscapes

Our comprehensive understanding and the application of established heritage assessment criteria provides a clear recognition of the heritage significance of a place.

In a given moment, a given heritage place, building, has a number of different values ascribed to it, that is, heritage is multivalent.

Planning for any future development within this context requires a clear understanding of the heritage values of a place or places - and a detailed approach to applying heritage principles to any project.

AKWP can help you identify and assess these important places, archaeological sites and places with intangible heritage values.

Heritage Permits

If your project affects any place or object listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, you’ll need to apply for a heritage permit from Heritage Victoria. This is part of the planning approval process in Victoria.

Heritage Permits help protect the important features of heritage places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Heritage Victoria recognises that if significant places are to have a future, they need to be attractive and comfortable places in which to live and work. Alterations are often required to keep pace with modern life, but they must respect the importance of the place.

AKWP Heritage Advisors can provide you with advice on the heritage permit process, on your project's legislative requirements, under the relevant legislation and State and Local Government policy.


AKWP Heritage Advisors provides archaeological services for background research, survey and archaeological excavation for Historical Cultural Heritage sites, including post-excavation analysis and liaison with relevant government agencies. All services are carried out under the Victorian Heritage Act 1995 or relevant state acts.

Our heritage impact assessments give clear recommendations for adaptive re-use of places.


  • Archaeological Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Field investigations and archaeological surveys of places and properties
  • Archaeological excavation and salvage
  • Historical artefact recording, analysis and interpretation
  • Mapping the extent of heritage places
  • Historical research and collation of historical photo images, plans and maps
  • Desktop and Due Diligence Assessments
  • Permit and Consent to Disturb applications
  • Desktop and comparative analyses of similar heritage places in order to understand the relative importance of a place
  • Assessments of significance of places
  • Historical reports
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Local Government Heritage Studies
  • Preparation of Heritage Strategies and Permit Applications
  • Significance Assessments

Our values are based on the acknowledgement that our cultural heritage is unique and irreplaceable, both tangible and intangible. We recognise that all sections of the community place value and respect on their heritage in many different ways. The interpretation of heritage places and objects and the growing understanding that heritage involves emotional responses to places, people and objects.

We can help you understand the relevant heritage requirements and your obligations. We’ll give you solutions that will meet the heritage obligations - and help you continue with your project as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Your Heritage Advisors

AKWP Heritage Advisors are qualified archaeologists and heritage advisors. They are registered with have sound understanding of cultural heritage legislation and processes in Victoria - and have developed more than 150 CHMPs and Due Diligence Reports.

  • Keith W Patton (BA Archaeology and Geography Hons) MA (Cultural Heritage)
  • Jenny Fiddian (BA Archaeology Hons), MA (Archaeology)

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Heritage Assessments

Keith has a special interest in Cultural Heritage and Heritage studies and can provide detailed assessments and recommendations on how to manage the impact of projects on the cultural significance of a place.

All our heritage assessments are compatible with the principles and practices of the Burra Charter - this is the best practice standard for managing our cultural heritage.

Clients who use our services

  • Architects
  • Planning consultants
  • Town planners
  • Government
  • Industry
  • Real estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Community groups
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Landowners
  • Other relevant stakeholders.

Heritage Assessments Service

  • Experienced Heritage Consultants
  • Cost effective pricing structure
  • Regular progress updates
  • Timely and efficient service
  • Full compliance with Heritage Act 1995


Our fees are known to be very competitive in the industry. We tailor fees to your needs based on how complex or simple your project is to include:

  • Report
  • Mapping
  • Consultations
  • Field work

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Expected timeframe

It differs according to your project. We’ll provide you with an estimate soon after our initial free consultation.  

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